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Flawless Base

Hourglass shape for precise, targeted application

2 in 1 Sponge makes it easy to customize or build coverage

100% Hydrophilic Polyurethane

Great for dry/flaky skin

Cruelty Free & Latex Free

The viral Vogue featured Hourglass sponge lets you flawlessly apply makeup. This soft and gentle sponge features an hourglass shape making it easy to apply product around the eyes, nose, and lip area. It's a must-have for your beauty routine.

Ensure you wet the sponge until fully expanded and squeeze out any excess water when applying liquid or cream formulas. The hourglass sponge is also highly suitable for powder formulas however the sponge must be dry. It is also really important once you have used and cleansed the sponge using gentle soap and cold water to allow it to air dry only. The sponge will expand when wet, it will revert back to the original size once dry.