Welcome to Lillywhite Cosmetics

It was all a dream, I used to read Vogue Magazine...

No, I'm not joking it was quite literally all a dream. I woke up on a Tuesday morning after a good night sleep with nothing but hundreds of ideas and visions of having my very own cosmetic brand. It was honestly intoxicating. I could not focus on anything other than my dream and my dream becoming a reality.

I have always loved makeup, being one of six girls it's all we knew in our house. I remember sitting on my sister's bed whilst her and her friends would be getting ready to go out on a Friday night. They would be sharing their clothes and getting super glam. I was too young to join them and extremely jealous but in total awe of them. BTW these were the days of orange foundation, concealer lips, spider lashes clumped together with mascara, silver or pink eye shadow, tooth pick thin eyebrows, a tad too much blusher and a whole can of Charlie Girl body spray. I still thought this was the coolest look ever!

As time went on, I studied Beauty Therapy for three years at college, I had this fascination with wanting to make people look and feel their best. I also ran the Beauty, Fashion, Health & Well Being department for This Morning Live - ITV, I was responsible for finding brands/companies that complimented our consumers. Being amongst five girls at home I could recognise what insecurities were, how they made us feel and that I was really lucky to have such loving sisters who always supported one another.

I talk about us six girls I do also have a brother James who is really cool and I love very much. He had enough of us, met the love of his life and ran away to Ireland...who would blame the poor guy. He also now has a family of his own and is dominated by girls. LOL.

Between us we are all really different. Clare she is snazzy and quirky she always had so much designer stuff which I loved but then also rocked the ugliest clothes (sorry). Laura she is obsessed with Hello Kitty and has turned into a big-time cat lady she only trusts me with her brows. Lucy she has always been bubbly and super confident, Lucy loves a regular spray tan from me. Carly...Carly is really special she is our Angel in heaven, she was sensitive and all round amazing even when she 'borrowed' my clothes. And lastly Jodie, the baby of the group, well big baby now... She always asks me to do her make up and always complains I have done her brows too thick and her lip liner too big. The joys of sisterhood!

I am really lucky I am super close with my sister's but I grew up incredibly close to Carly. She would let me sit in her room with her and her friends whilst they got ready for their night out. As I grew up I was able to get ready with her. Share all my stuff lol and I always wanted to make sure she looked and felt beautiful. It slowly became my responsibility every weekend and I became her personal stylist, I would curl or straighten her hair, I would do her spray tans, her make up and turn into Gok Wan who donated all their clothes. She trusted me with everything and I loved it. In our house and for special occasions I am always the last to get ready, after doing everyone's hair, tan & makeup. Not to forget them rooting through my draws for lashes because someone always forgets to buy their own, now I have my own stock shop. (Oh no!)

I am blessed to have been Carly's personal makeup artist/stylist, to repay her I would make Carly stand through painful photo shoots around the house. For that we are so lucky because we have so many gorgeous photos of her looking truly beautiful. Which is what totally inspired me to create my own brand.

Life isn't about looking like 'the coolest or being prettiest person', it's about being around people who inspire you to be yourself and love who you are. Creating this brand and designing my own products means so much to me, it is everything I have always dreamed of. I didn't know where to start and doubted myself massively as we all do from time to time but I really hope I can encourage confidence and self-love in all my products.

Please make sure you share your selfies with us wearing our products & looking absolutely gorgeous #lillywhitecosmetics and tag us @lillywhitecosmetics on Instagram and TikTok. I would love for you to be a part of our journey and family.

Thanks a million.

Chloe x