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SIX LC products picked at random

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Beautifully gift wrapped

Two wish products

54 products to choose from

Our Mystery Boxes are such a hit on TikTok and becoming a huge trend what with our Secret Santa box, Trick or Treat Halloween box, we even have an LC Birthday box if you are looking for a gorgeous gift. However the Lillywhite Cosmetics Beauty Bundle Box is the original baby so we wanted to put something together that you will absolutely LOVE.

Inside this beautifully gift wrapped box will be a mystery selection of our very own SIX Lillywhite Cosmetics products. However it doesn't end here, you can pick two wish (single product) items from our entire range which you are guaranteed in your box and then leave the rest to us. (Please enter the two wish products in your notes at checkout)

From our range of luxury, soft band strip lashes we have 14 styles to choose from, half lashes, full glam and natural lashes. To our must have all time favourite flawless makeup finish Hourglass Sponge, to our stunning light weight non sticky lip glosses and creamy, retractable lip liners. Magic line and lash adhesive eyelash glue pens, two duo powder puffs and our pigmented heart shape liquid blushes and liquid glow highlighter, airbrush powder blushes and gorgeous powder glows, lightly scented lip oils and our brow transforming clear brow gel, BROWZA.

(Our products are vegan and cruelty free)