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Includes two powder puffs

Soft, velvet-like feel

Achieves a smooth, shine-free, airbrushed finish

Minimizes the appearance of pores

Flawless makeup finish

Introducing the epitome of elegance and luxury in your makeup routine, the Lillywhite Cosmetics Powder Puffs. Our exquisite 'velvet feel' powder puffs bring a touch of sophistication to your beauty rituals, elevating your makeup application to a whole new level.

Designed with both beauty and functionality in mind, these powder puffs come in two stunning colours that match our viral Vogue featured Hourglass Sponges, coffee & pink.

Experience the seamless blend of luxury and practicality as you effortlessly apply loose or pressed powders, setting your makeup flawlessly and achieving a smooth, shine-free, airbrushed finish. Whilst minimizing the appearance of pores. The soft and gentle texture of our powder puffs ensures a uniform distribution of product, allowing you to achieve the desired coverage without any harsh lines.

Our powder puffs are a perfect addition to your makeup collection. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a professional artist, Lillywhite Cosmetics Powder Puffs are the ultimate tool to achieve that flawless look you've always desired.


Here's a brief guide on how to make the most of the Lillywhite Cosmetics essential beauty tool:

Prepare Your Powder: Ensure your loose or pressed powder is ready for application. You can either tap a small amount of loose powder onto the back of your hand or gently press the powder puff into the compact to pick up the desired amount of product.

Tap or Press: Gently tap or press the powder puff onto your skin, starting from the center of your face and working outward. The soft velvet texture of the puff ensures an even distribution of product, preventing any excess powder from settling into fine lines or creating a cakey appearance.

Blend: To achieve a seamless finish, use gentle patting motions to blend the powder into your skin. The puff's plush surface helps blend the product effortlessly, providing a natural and airbrushed look.

Set Your Makeup: Use the powder puff to set your makeup by applying a thin layer of loose or pressed powder all over your face. This step helps to lock in your foundation and concealer, extending the wear of your makeup and reducing shine.

Clean and Care: Regularly clean your powder puff to maintain its performance and hygiene. Gently hand wash it with mild soap and water, then let it air dry. Avoid wringing or twisting the puff to prevent damage.

On-the-Go Touch-ups: Our powder puff is compact and travel-friendly. You can carry it with you for quick touch-ups throughout the day, ensuring your makeup remains flawless. The duo sponges come in a reusable sealed bag so you can keep your powder puffs clean.

Includes two powder puffs. Made from microfibre.